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Internet 101

This lesson may be tough to follow for some folks.  Please stick with us on it.  Please post any questions you have and we will do our best to answer them.

We need to cover a few topics on how the internet works. It will make subsequent lessons more understandable.

The more you understand the fundamentals, the more you will understand what is safe, not safe, and how to layer defenses. We’ll keep it as short as possible. We will also begin to introduce terminology and the acronyms. Just like any subject, half the battle to mastering it is learning the language.

There is a diagram of Internet Topology below.  Think of this as your Area of Operations, AO.  It is the map of your digital battlefield.  This lesson is an Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield, IPB.  There is a “Green Zone” (Your LAN) and there is Outside the Wire.  What you go outside the wire to “do” will dictate your security posture for that activity / mission.  You should never go outside the wire with at least some basic security in place.

Much of this may seem trivial or unimportant, but please take time to read it fully and understand it.

Here is why this is important:

  1. You need to know what an IP Address is and how it identifies you

  2. You use DNS every time you visit a website. You need to know how this lets your ISP see what you are browsing, how to protect against it, and what a DNS Leak is.

  3. You need to know what a MAC address is and why to hide it.

Keep this simple picture in mind as we discuss this.  There is a more comprehensive picture later on in this lesson.




Read the rest HERE…


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3 comments on “Next Lesson – Internet 101
  1. Alfred E. says:

    Here is a great review of i2p, TOR and FreeNet.

    Also there is another bundle called The Abscond Project. The Firefox extensions includes:

    Random Agent Spoofer 0.8.2
    Wappalyzer 3.0.11

    It is located at

  2. Alfred E. says:

    Also you can get a free email and chat account at

    • ffio says:

      Hi Alfred, I wasn’t aware of the Abscond Bundle Project. We’ll check it out. The Secure Browser lesson is in draft right now, so your information is timely. I2P and Freenet will come a little later once we have a solid base comfortably using Tor or TAILS, but that is a good article. Thanks for reading and contributing.

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