Encryption 101

Don’t worry, this first encryption lesson will be short and easy. We’re mostly just going to learn the lingo today. We need this to talk about the next lesson, Secure Browsers, and there will be a deeper encryption discussion in a later lesson.

Why is this important? Remember from the Privacy and Anonymity lesson that we need both Privacy and Anonymity. Privacy is driven by encryption. You will learn to secure your browser sessions, encrypt your email, and ensure your chats are secure. It is critical you understand the fundamentals.

Key Terms: Symmetric, Asymmetric, Certificate Authorities, PKI.

Remember, there is nothing magical about the concepts of encryption. It happens all the time when soldiers use One Time Pads. The only difference is that in the digital world, we can leverage complex mathematics (ciphers) to create the encrypted text.

We will discuss two types of encryption – Symmetric and Asymmetric. A minimum encryption system requires plain text, a key, and a process.

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