Secure Browsing, Part 1

If this is your first time working on a lesson…

Please read our FreeFor Ops page.  It will explain the site purpose and the overarching concept of FreeFor IO.  It will direct you to also read the Start Here page, and the Lesson Tracker (which are also menu items).  These will show you how to use the lessons effectively to build up your security.

Welcome to Secure Browsing Part 1.

Key Terms: HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, Certificate, Layered Security, End Point Security, Transmission Security

Lesson Goal: Understand the difference between HTTP and HTTPS; Install and Use Firefox

We are going to discuss:

  • Browser tracking / Social Media / Risks
  • Secure Browser install
  • Lesson Recap – A summary of the security you’ve put in place already
  • Transmission Security – HTTP / HTTPS / SSL

Why is browser selection and configuration important? Our cell phones are the worst offender of personal privacy invasion, but our browsing activity is next. Everything you do is tracked, reported and correlated – unless you shut them down by protecting your information.

You must have noticed how in one browser window you are looking at some consumer item, then you hop to a news site, and immediately there is an advertisement in the top or side banner for EXACTLY what you were just looking at. If that Orwellian nightmare doesn’t scare you into action, I’m not sure what will.

When you read Sam Culper’s SPACE Analysis, you will see that poor browsing habits allow our enemies to build signatures, profiles and associations. OpFor can know who you “are” by your profile, and they’re just waiting to assign your name to the profile identity. We’ll talk more about SPACE and Digital Security in a future lesson.

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