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Hacker OPSEC – STFU is the best policy

The Grugq is often is found speaking to “Freedom Fighters” of all allegiances, some of whom may be at odds with what some FreeFor would consider legitimate causes.  Here is an  edited bio we lifted from an interview he did:

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Comms – Do you have a Plan B?

When your access to the internet and cell service gets cut, you better have a plan B for Info and Intel. The goal of this post:  Kick start your Plan B without procrastination excuses like “I have to study and

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Disrupt the Attack Vector

Not exactly Information Operations, but a good way to spend a buck. From No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money, via MVB @ SipseyStreetIrregulars… Costing The Anti’s Some Money I got an email the other day from Mark Kelly (aka

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Your thought for the weekend, from Sam Culper: 3 Laws of OPSEC: 1. If you don’t know the threat, you don’t know what information to protect. 2. If you don’t know what information to protect,  you can’t know how to

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Case Study: Drugs, Pirates & Tor – STFU

This is a short case study on how the FBI brought down Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR).  DPR was the owner of Silk Road, the largest darknet  underground dealer site for drugs, weapons and contract hits.   Silk Road operated on Tor

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Secure Browsing, Part 2 – Risks

OK Digital Warriors, this lesson is Secure Browsing Part 2 – Risks. We’ve already covered Part 1 – Installing Firefox, HTTPS Everywhere, and what HTTPS/SSL is. In this short lesson, we are going to cover the risks you face. In

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Tabnabbing – a new phishing attack

A perfect find to complement Lesson 0021, Secure Browsing Part 2 – Risks, which we’ll publish this weekend.  Notice this relies on using a Javascript exploit, which we’ll discuss in Lesson 0021, and which Tor Browser helps you disable as

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AmRRON Condition 4

AmRRON / Ham folks….this is posted over on the AmRRON site: FULL TEXT HERE: … Due to increased intelligence reports regarding real-world situation terrorist threats and activity, we are raising the AmCON to Level-4.  Several analysts are assessing an attack

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