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Besides being able to talk to your neighbors to the left and right, a very important part of the nationwide AmRRON/TAPRN Network is the sharing of news, information, and intelligence (not necessarily the same thing).  A critical skill that you, as a patriot, should be developing and regularly practicing is SIGINT/COMINT.  That is Signals Intelligence and Communications Intelligence.  Simply put, you need to have the skills and equipment to monitor, intercept, collect, and report information sent over the airwaves.

This can come from news agencies, government and non-government agencies and organizations, local citizen networks, and any other source in your community and region.  Collecting this information and reporting it contributes to the network’s ability to gain a clear picture of what is going on around us — Situational Awareness, as it is called.

In order for your pastors, community leaders, elected officials, and other patriotic civil groups to make informed decisions, they need INFORMATION!  They (we) depend on you, the eyes and ears across the country, our states, regions, and communities to help with that information gathering process.

We don’t know what the future holds, but like many who have gone before us, we may have to use these skills as part of a larger effort to resist foreign military occupation, organized violent criminal activity, regional warlords, large-scale terrorist activity, or provide intelligence in a grid-down, major catastrophic event in North America.

We need to practice now.  It’s useful, it’s practical, and what’s more, it’s FUN!

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