US Crow’s “Do This Now” Ebola Guide

Prepare for an Airborne Ebola Outbreak in America

Prepare for an Airborne Ebola Outbreak in America

According to Anthony Banbury, UN Secretary General’s Special Representative on Ebola, we should all prepare for an airborne Ebola outbreak in America, and the rest of the world for that matter. Banbury, along with CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) officials agree the virus going airborne is unlikely, but very possible, creating what Banbury referred to as ‘the nightmare scenario’ if the outbreak isn’t contained within four weeks.

Skeptics will claim Banbury’s statement was nothing more than ‘fear mongering’, while those stuck in the racial stratosphere will say Ebola was created by the white man to kill black men e.g. Louis Farrakhan. Instead of succumbing to racially charged meanderings and fear mongering, we will review the facts.

After learning the facts on your own I’m sure you’ll see my point of view, which is – it’s time to prepare for an airborne Ebola outbreak in America…

What is Ebola?
How is Ebola transmitted?
Will Ebola go Airborne?
How to prepare for an Ebola outbreak in America
Prepping for the Ebola Outbreak
Pandemic mental preparedness
Surviving the Ebola outbreak
Pandemic Aftermath

Read it all here…

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