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Update your GPG4win

GPG4win is a Windows desktop program for creating and managing PGP keys. Version 2.2.4 released on 3/18/15.  Get it Here. Advertisements

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Update your Tor Browser

Tor Browser 4.0.5 was released Monday 3/23/15.  Update your Tor.  Get it Here.

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Secure Email Appliance – Looking Glass Press Release

Brought to you by LastBox…Go see him on Tor here. What is the big idea? Crazy strong email security that is crazy easy to roll out. Everything else either requires a pair of computer geniuses, or does not offer the

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Comms 101 – VHF

Premise: Having basic listening and communication capability in one’s local area is a critical survivability step in anyone’s personal or community defense preparedness plans. Without information, there is no intelligence, and without intelligence, you have sub-optimal defensive capability. If you

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Intro to The Resister – DTOM

This was recently brought to my attention by a fellow Patriot.  It had been on my list to go back and read for quite a while, so his prompting was very timely. I’ll begin pulling and reposting certain articles from

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Current Versions
Looking Glass Secure Email
Version: Latest Beta
Tor Browser: 04.09.15: Version: 4.0.8
Tails : 03.31.15: Version: 1.3.2
Gpg4win: 03.18.15: Version: 2.2.4

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