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What is the big idea?

Crazy strong email security that is crazy easy to roll out.

Everything else either requires a pair of LookingGlasscomputer geniuses, or does not offer the same level of security.

Why this instead of regular email?

Because you have tried to get crypto working in the past and it has been an enormous pain in the ass. Because you want your communications to go dark but don’t have time for hours of training.

How crazy easy?

The tradeoff right now is either spend a few bucks (under fifty) for the hardware, or learn enough to install the software on your machine. \

Once you get it running, it is just like webmail – you go to a local website with your browser.

Who are you?

Somebody that’s been around the community a few years, trying to train people up on secure online communications.

How much?

Code is free, under ten minutes to set up once that has been downloaded.

Anything else?

LookingGlass is a platform we can grow: software radio mux, online reputation broker, whatever the community wants to see.

So, what is it really?

LookingGlass is high security email you control, served up simple to use

LookingGlass is an email security appliance.

LookingGlass attempts to automate the heavy lifting of forward secrecy, end-to-end authentication, online pseudonymity, with a distributed architecture.

  • Forward secrecy means that email is now burn-on-decrypt, and no password is ever reused between messages. No single message compromise can lead to any other. (Learn more)
  • Authenticated means that you can be assured that you are talking to who you think you are talking to, and that there is no one sitting in the middle of your communications. (Learn more)
  • Pseudonymity means that your identity is protected. If you are careful to not link your LookingGlass covername (explained later) to your real world identity, there should be no trace who wrote or read your LookingGlass emails. (Learn more)
  • Distributed (peer-to-peer) means that your email only ever exists in one of two places – on your LookingGlass server, or on the recipient’s server. There is no third party that stores email, encryption states, or routes messages. (Learn more)

LookingGlass is free, it is Open Source, and it was made with ❤

Start Here.

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Current Versions
Looking Glass Secure Email
Version: Latest Beta
Tor Browser: 04.09.15: Version: 4.0.8
Tails : 03.31.15: Version: 1.3.2
Gpg4win: 03.18.15: Version: 2.2.4

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