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New Blog – “South Carolina, Free!”

Check out one of our friends / contributors.  Here is a great post from them on Intel.  They’ve taken Sam Culper’s most important lessons and organized it into a PDF so you have a pocket course on Intel.  Download it,

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Truecrypt audit complete – no NSA Backdoors

From BetaNews… A security audit of TrueCrypt has determined that the disk encryption software does not contain any backdoors that could be used by the NSA or other surveillance agencies. A report prepared by the NCC Group for Open Crypto

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Rule 3 is in full force, folks. 1. If you don’t know the threat, you don’t know what information to protect. 2. If you don’t know what information to protect,  you can’t know how to protect it. 3. If you

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Schneier on Govt Snooping…

An interesting interview below.  Here are two quick takeaways: 1)  The NSA is not made of magic.  They just have better funded hackers. 2)  Every time you use encryption (PGP email or Tor) with nothing to hide, someone else who

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