Schneier on Govt Snooping…

is-tor-broken-nsa-is-working-de-anonymize-you-when-browsing-deep-web.w654An interesting interview below.  Here are two quick takeaways:

1)  The NSA is not made of magic.  They just have better funded hackers.

2)  Every time you use encryption (PGP email or Tor) with nothing to hide, someone else who needs encryption to stay alive benefits, because he’s hiding in a bigger pool of encrypted data…There’s safety in numbers.

A Quick Chat with Bruce Schneier
(Linux Voice Magazine, April 2015, also at

One of the biggest names in security responds to government snooping plans.

Bruce Schneier is one of the best known experts on security and encryption issues.  He has written many books on security and cartography over the last two decades, and maintains a well-followed blog at

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