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No One Is Going to Jail For You – Part 1

LEARNING FROM OTHERS’ MISTAKES. LIBERTAS, DPR, SABU, LULZSEC This comes from .  It is from security guide published by a denizen of the dark net – Jolly Roger. …. A little change of pace for this next post. I

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A  brief except from this article demonstrates the term’s history.  Credit goes to SGM Herbert A. Friedman (Ret.). The attempt to win the hearts and minds of friends and enemies was first called “Propaganda” (from the Catholic Church –

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Jungle Telegraph – Part I

From Dialtone – Great Blog, Great stuff. Community Comms: Jungle Telegraph Part One May 8, 2015 / dialtoneblog   When an event occurs that disrupts everyday life and your trusty smart phone becomes a brick, don’t be left deaf, dumb and

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CPX Jackson – Execute.

May 1st, 2015: CPX Jackson 22Apr2015 / sparks31 On May 1st, 2015 withdraw as much money as possible from bank accounts. From May 1st-May 3rd, purchase ammo, guns, precious metals, and other preparedness-related supplies. From May 1st-May 3rd, restrict purchases to

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New Blog – “South Carolina, Free!”

Check out one of our friends / contributors.  Here is a great post from them on Intel.  They’ve taken Sam Culper’s most important lessons and organized it into a PDF so you have a pocket course on Intel.  Download it,

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Truecrypt audit complete – no NSA Backdoors

From BetaNews… A security audit of TrueCrypt has determined that the disk encryption software does not contain any backdoors that could be used by the NSA or other surveillance agencies. A report prepared by the NCC Group for Open Crypto

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Rule 3 is in full force, folks. 1. If you don’t know the threat, you don’t know what information to protect. 2. If you don’t know what information to protect,  you can’t know how to protect it. 3. If you

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Schneier on Govt Snooping…

An interesting interview below.  Here are two quick takeaways: 1)  The NSA is not made of magic.  They just have better funded hackers. 2)  Every time you use encryption (PGP email or Tor) with nothing to hide, someone else who

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Update your GPG4win

GPG4win is a Windows desktop program for creating and managing PGP keys. Version 2.2.4 released on 3/18/15.  Get it Here.

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Update your Tor Browser

Tor Browser 4.0.5 was released Monday 3/23/15.  Update your Tor.  Get it Here.

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Secure Email Appliance – Looking Glass Press Release

Brought to you by LastBox…Go see him on Tor here. What is the big idea? Crazy strong email security that is crazy easy to roll out. Everything else either requires a pair of computer geniuses, or does not offer the

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Comms 101 – VHF

Premise: Having basic listening and communication capability in one’s local area is a critical survivability step in anyone’s personal or community defense preparedness plans. Without information, there is no intelligence, and without intelligence, you have sub-optimal defensive capability. If you

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Intro to The Resister – DTOM

This was recently brought to my attention by a fellow Patriot.  It had been on my list to go back and read for quite a while, so his prompting was very timely. I’ll begin pulling and reposting certain articles from

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Secession Begins At Home

From The question we all have to ask ourselves is this: how seriously do we take the right of self-determination, and what are we willing to do in our personal lives to assert it? Secession really begins at home,

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Encryption is a crime

Many thanks to one of our readers, Btfire, who contributed this article. We should all be familiar with the lack of privacy in digital communications by now, but for those who cling to any hope that law might thwart the

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US Crow’s “Do This Now” Ebola Guide

Prepare for an Airborne Ebola Outbreak in America Posted on 10/03/2014 by CMF Contributor According to Anthony Banbury, UN Secretary General’s Special Representative on Ebola, we should all prepare for an airborne Ebola outbreak in America, and the rest of

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Save your important websites offline

I posted this before, but here it is again.  I highly suggest you mirror your most important sites. Given the recent uncertainties around Ebola and whether it will spread or be contained, it might be prudent if you had entire

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Ebola Airborne Potential…

CIDRAP: “We Believe There Is Scientific Evidence Ebola Has The Potential To Be Airborne” When CDC Director Tim Frieden first announced, just a week ago and very erroneously, that he was “confident we will stop Ebola in its tracks here

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From AmRRON – Intercept-Collect-Report

Part-1 – An overview and some tools to get started Besides being able to talk to your neighbors to the left and right, a very important part of the nationwide AmRRON/TAPRN Network is the sharing of news, information, and intelligence (not

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Hacker OPSEC – STFU is the best policy

The Grugq is often is found speaking to “Freedom Fighters” of all allegiances, some of whom may be at odds with what some FreeFor would consider legitimate causes.  Here is an  edited bio we lifted from an interview he did:

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