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Jungle Telegraph – Part I

From Dialtone – Great Blog, Great stuff. Community Comms: Jungle Telegraph Part One May 8, 2015 / dialtoneblog   When an event occurs that disrupts everyday life and your trusty smart phone becomes a brick, don’t be left deaf, dumb and

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Comms 101 – VHF

Premise: Having basic listening and communication capability in one’s local area is a critical survivability step in anyone’s personal or community defense preparedness plans. Without information, there is no intelligence, and without intelligence, you have sub-optimal defensive capability. If you

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Comms – Do you have a Plan B?

When your access to the internet and cell service gets cut, you better have a plan B for Info and Intel. The goal of this post:  Kick start your Plan B without procrastination excuses like “I have to study and

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