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New Blog – “South Carolina, Free!”

Check out one of our friends / contributors.  Here is a great post from them on Intel.  They’ve taken Sam Culper’s most important lessons and organized it into a PDF so you have a pocket course on Intel.  Download it,

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Truecrypt audit complete – no NSA Backdoors

From BetaNews… A security audit of TrueCrypt has determined that the disk encryption software does not contain any backdoors that could be used by the NSA or other surveillance agencies. A report prepared by the NCC Group for Open Crypto

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Disrupt the Attack Vector

Not exactly Information Operations, but a good way to spend a buck. From No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money, via MVB @ SipseyStreetIrregulars… Costing The Anti’s Some Money I got an email the other day from Mark Kelly (aka

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AmRRON Condition 4

AmRRON / Ham folks….this is posted over on the AmRRON site: FULL TEXT HERE: … Due to increased intelligence reports regarding real-world situation terrorist threats and activity, we are raising the AmCON to Level-4.  Several analysts are assessing an attack

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Cell Phone Kill Switches Mandatory in California

FFIO says:  Alt Comms folks – get your ham licenses and start practicing. From the Comments Section in Bruce Schneier’s article below: “What if the NSA accidentally bricks all the phones in a certain area? This is not a theoretical

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