DNS Leak Sites

DNS Leak Sites

We’ll cover DNS and DNS leaks in a lesson.  But quick and dirty, let’s put a few things down here:

IP Address => Internet Protocol Address.  The internet equivalent of a mailing address.   It is 4 sets of between 1-3 numbers and uniquely identifies your computing device.  Example =>, or, or  34.123.456.212.

DNS => Domain Name Server.  A place your web browser goes to get the IP for a website you type in.

ISP => Internet Service Provider, the company that provides your internet.  They typically assign your IP’s and also give you DNS services.  They know who you are (IP) and what you are searching for (DNS lookups).

So, a DNS Leak is the equivalent of telling your ISP “Hey, don’t look at what website I’m typing…oh by the way, can you have your DNS server tell me what the IP address is for ILoveGunsPornAndInsurrection.com ?”

There are ways to hide this from your ISP.


DNS Leak Test  (Gives 2 levels of testing)

DNS Leak (Can test several things)


Current Versions
Looking Glass Secure Email
Version: Latest Beta
Tor Browser: 04.09.15: Version: 4.0.8
Tails : 03.31.15: Version: 1.3.2
Gpg4win: 03.18.15: Version: 2.2.4

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