Lesson Tracker

Until we come up with a better system, use this to see what is new and track what you’ve done.  These Lesson ID’s will remain unique.  If we revise a lesson after it is published, you will see it as 0001.1 instead of 0001 in the list below, or 0015.1 instead of 0015.

Some (not all) lessons are in the menus with labels like L1.2 or L1.6.1.  The menu is meant to guide you in a logical progression of primary skills.  As we develop new content, the learning flow will change, and those menu labels will change to indicate the new flow patterns.

What will remain constant is the unique ID that gets assigned below (unless content is revised as stated in the opening sentence), so that you will always be able to track whether you completed a unique lesson or not.


Published pages:


0001         Lesson 1.0  Read Tenets & Start Here

0002        Lesson 1.1  Anonymous Emails

0003        Lesson 1.2  Anonymous Search Engines

0016         Lesson 1.3  Internet 101

0017         Lesson 1.4:   Privacy & Anonymity Concepts

0018         Lesson 1.5.1:  Secure PC

0004        Lesson 1.5.2  Spoofing your MAC Address

0019        Lesson 1.6  Encryption 101

0020        Lesson 1.7.1  Secure Browser Part 1

0021         Lesson 1.7.2 Secure Browser Part 2 – Risks


0005         Lesson 2.0.1  How They Hunt – Lizard Farmer

0006         Lesson 2.0.2 Using Metadata to find Paul Revere

0007             https://informops.wordpress.com/tors-jacob-appelbaum/

0008             https://informops.wordpress.com/eff-surveillance-self-defense/

0009             https://informops.wordpress.com/ip-test-sites/  – Are you now using IP Checkers?

0010             https://informops.wordpress.com/dns-leak-sites/  – Are you testing your DNS Leakage?

0011            https://informops.wordpress.com/https-ssl/

0012           https://informops.wordpress.com/system-tests/  – Have you run GRC’s Shields Up ?

0013           https://informops.wordpress.com/system-tests/ – Have you checked your browser fingerprint?

0014           https://informops.wordpress.com/visualizers/  – Have you used Trace My Shadow?

0015           https://informops.wordpress.com/visualizers/  – Use EFF Tor/HTTPS to see who can see what info and when



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