Spoofing your MAC

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Change Your MAC Address

  1. What is a MAC address?
  2. Why randomize your MAC address?
  3. What limitations will this impose?
  4. Spoofing your MAC on Windows.

This guide will show you how to generate a new MAC address every time you connect to a computer network.

What is a MAC address?

A MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique address present in all networking hardware. It identifies the specific network card (and thus, if you don’t change network cards very often, your computer) you use to connect to a computer network. It’s similar to an IP address in its ability to uniquely identify you, but more directly tied to the hardware you’re using.

Important point – a MAC is only visible within the LAN you are connected to.  So if you are at home, you are relatively protected behind your Firewall / Router.  If however, you are connecting to public wifi, you are on *their* LAN, and you are exposed.

Why randomize your MAC address?

Since it is a unique identifier, it can be used to track you while on the internet. This is especially relevant at open access points, such as when using free networks offered by major coffee chains or fast food dispensaries. If you connect to free public networks, it’s strongly recommended to use generated MAC address as described below because it’s trivial and likely being done to build entire profiles on you based around your MAC address.

What limitations will this impose?

Some routers identify you by your MAC address, giving you a specific IP as a result or allowing you to use their services. Any service that is linked to a specific network adapter may stop functioning if you use this method. If you don’t know what that means, however, it’s very likely that it’s not a problem. More likely is the necessity to click through any portals that come up automatically when first signing onto a public network which prompts the user with something before providing internet service. Examples of this typically come in the form of free wireless access points provided by corporate entities—you’ll probably have to ‘agree’ to ‘terms of service’ again every time you connect to free corporate wireless access points.

Spoofing on Windows:

Use Technitium’s MAC address changer.  It changes the Windows Registry Value that holds the MAC address.  Get it here.


It is fairly easy to use.

1.  Highlight the adapter.  If you are a normal windows user and not yet using things like VPN’s, you will probably see anywhere from 3-5 adapters.  “Adapters” are really just software configurations that control your connection to a network.  The most important ones to look for are wireless adapters.

2.  Check the box that says “use ’02’ as the first octet…”.  It is not shown as checked below, but check the box.  I’m not going to explain it here.  There is info on the Technitium blog if you want to know the reason, or click that blue “Why?” button for the reason.

3.  Click “Random MAC Address” button.  Note that you can always restore your original.  We suggest changing your MAC every time you reboot, and definitely every time you use a wifi hotspot.

Note that after you change the address, a MAC will appear in that box below that has dashes in it.  You can now click inside of it and see where that MAC is really assigned.   Yep, you’re now using someone else’s “assigned” MAC.




LESSON ID=> 0004


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