Things to do Today

Things A Patriot can do today or should start doing immediately…..

  1. Separate “Business” and Personal activity online
  2. Get Basic Privacy with search engines and emails by doing those two lessons.  They are published, so do them.
  3. Begin studying for Ham Technician License, order a $40 Baofeng, and join AMRRON
  4. Join AMRRON even if you don’t have your Ham license…FRS, MURS, Scanners & CB’rs can participate in Partisan Nets as well.
  5. Create and understand your own Risk Profile (SPACE, particularly your Association risks)
  6. Jump ahead of the lessons, download Tor Browser Bundle and begin playing with it.  Don’t trust it until you understand the risks.
  7. Get some physical training every day. Running, walking, lifting weights, hiking with armor and pack, Insanity workout, or something else. Make a promise to yourself to do something each day. (H/T nimrodhunter)
  8. Read Culper’s SPACE analysis and analyze yourself from an OPSEC and online security perspective.
  9. STFU and begin checking your ego, hubris and need to be recognized.  Humans are the weakest link in tech.
  10. Ignore all this crap for one day and go pay attention to someone in your life you love, or spend time with a good friend.
3 comments on “Things to do Today
  1. nimrodhunter says:

    Get some physical training every day. Running, walking, lifting weights, hiking with armor and pack, Insanity workout, or something else. Make a promise to yourself to do something each day.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman says:

    I’ve started using TOR and really like it. It is reasonably fast enough for me and it works well. I’ve used hushmail for several years was comfortable with it until they sent a notice that if they were served with subpoena, they would have to hand over whatever the Feds wanted. I’ve started using and like it quite well. I wonder if at certain point of time, we will need to change our names and email addresses to go underground. How will the vetting criteria be set up and so on. I think as like minded people, the group would want at least a member or more from each state if possible that could communicate with persons in their state. I guess I getting to much ahead of the game. I know my name and address is probably known to too many people and it will have to be completely changed at a later date. I guess I’m rambling but I appreciate the intensity and the knowledge you and others have put in these lessons. I’m learning a lot and developing an awareness of being a “grey” person……

    • ffio says:

      Good deal. Tor is easy and seems faster than a few years ago…no empirical data there, just my perception. Be sure to keep it patched regularly. If you have gone that far, consider downloading TAILS. It is basically Tor in a Linux OS on a USB stick. You set your computer up to boot from the USB instead of your normal OS, and TAILS runs in your RAM memory, it does not write anything back to the hard disk.

      Yes, I have the same concerns about hushmail, but there are many others as well. Lavabit was an email provider that shut their doors rather than provide help to agencies. Ultimately they did turn over information, but they did it in a painfully slow way and performed sepuku – they shut their own company down rather than continue to provide a service that the govt now had access to. Unseen isn’t perfect and it is going through growing pains, but given the choices available, it does not seem like too bad of an option if one still wants or needs email. They encrypted chat feature is very nice and they are domiciled in Iceland, which has very strict privacy laws.

      I would agree, each Patriot needs to start thinking of exit or obfuscation plans for their identities. What is out there is out there forever, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t start to create alternate and more secure communication channels and identities, which is obviously one of the main purposes of this blogsite.

      Sam Culper’s SPACE analysis, which is referenced copiously on this site, will help you understand the “C”, Contrast. If someone suddenly drops off the radar, they create a Contrast that analysts look for. it needs to be a planned phase-out that is not too dramatic. Likewise, your new identity should not pop up with prolific writing on the same day that your old identity goes dark.

      And just to make it even more difficult, there is a concept we’ll do an article on in the future. Intel folks call it a “Semantic Tell”. It means that everyone has a distinct style of speech or writing. It could be that you say “Ya’ll”, or you sign off your emails the same way (Just like in the recent Drugs, Pirates and Tor article here). In IT security, it is called Stylometry. There are programs written to determine if a certain writing sample belongs to a particular person. Given a large enough sample size (and it isn’t that much), it can be predicted with high likelihood whether one seditious anonymous article was written by a known author of other innocent articles.

      Here are two articles from Sam related to this, and one on Stylometry:

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